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  • 2016-02-26 18:04:47
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A TV show developed by Shin Won-ho of “Youth over Flowers” and completed by Na Young-suk

“Youth over Flowers–Africa,” a joint work of “Youth over Flowers” and the “Reply” series is finally going to be unveiled on the 19th. The second interesting collaboration of tvN’s drama and entertainment shows, which was led by Producer Shin Won-ho and Writer Lee Woo-jeong and completed by Producer Na Young-suk, will be aired soon.

The cast of the “Reply” series, a drama directed by Producer Shin Won-ho, was offered with both a “fortune” and a “misfortune” twice in a row by being whisked off by a tvN travel reality show titled “Youth over Flowers.” Star Producer Na Young-seok also entertained viewers through unexpected and fun circumstances by not informing their cast members of their trips. In addition, the male leads of the same network’s hit soap opera, the “Reply” series, which was directed by Producer Shin Won-ho, who started his career as a producer for KBS’ entertainment shows, and Producer Na Young-suk, also starred on this reality show, prolonging the impressions on the drama.

The four main leads of the nostalgia-provoking series “Reply 1988”—Ahn Jae-hong, Ryu Jun-yeol, Go Kyung-pyo, and Park Bo-gum—are expected to show their exciting and ebullient journey as young people. This appealing cast taken to Africa is receiving much attention from many people who want to hear and see more about the drama and the actors. It is expected that viewers could get some tips on the behind-the-scene stories of the drama from time to time on the show, as well as discover the true and unexpected colors of the actors, which may be different from those of the characters that they portray in the drama.


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