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  • 2016-07-06 17:51:01
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tvN Romantic Comedy dramas that always ensures their great talent for producing TV dramas, what Hae-young’s syndrome has left

 ‘Hae-young Oh Again,’ a popular tvN drama shown every Mondays and Tuesdays, will conclude on June 28. ‘Hae-young Oh Again,’ which portrays the extraordinary love story of an ordinary woman, has attracted a great deal of popularity from viewers, leading to high ratings and enormous love, as it has reflected both the kind of romance that women are dreaming of and its realities, and a huge number of viewers have sympathized with the story. The scene of Hae-young Oh (performed by Hyun-jin Seo) and Do-kyung Park (performed by Eric) fiercely kissing each other against a wall remained as the content with the highest number of hits on the Naver TV Cast of CJ E&M Contents. As of 6:00 p.m. of June 26, the number of hits was 2,137,887, the highest hit record of CJ E&M Contents.

Eric (whose real name is Jeong-hyuk Moon), an actor and a singer, who portrayed the main male character in Hae-young Oh, appeared on a TV drama for the first time in two years after “Discovery of Romance” and stepped up his image as a rom-com star. The actor, who had played the role of an active hero in his previous dramas, portrayed the character of Do-kyung Park in this drama, a music director who has something sorrowful deep inside him, and displayed poignant acting, once again proving his abilities as an actor.

Hyun-jin Seo portrayed the character of Hae-young Oh in this drama and became the protagonist who benefited the most from ‘Hae-young Oh Again.’ While she has been recognized as an actress with a solid performance in a number of works, she has largely performed not as a main character but as a supporting actress. In this drama, she has made herself more familiar to the general public by playing the role of an ordinary woman in her 30s, which served as a momentum to prove once again her outstanding ability in acting. As the actress has been offered a wave of advertisement contracts and works since her appearance in ‘Hae-young Oh Again,’ she is expected to participate in more various activities in the future.

The soundtracks of the drama are also becoming increasingly popular because of the drama’s popularity. ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ a representative song for ‘Hae-young Oh’ sung by Wable, and ‘Like a Dream,’ which is sung by Ben, are extremely popular, maintaining their positions on the higher ranks of major sound source charts. Other singers of the drama’s soundtracks are attracting a lot of attention as well.


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